Happy Healthy Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is known for being a food-centric holiday with huge spreads of sweet, savory, and indulgent delicacies that can do a number on your teeth. The celebration of food, family, and friends doesn’t have to leave you feeling unhealthy. If you’ve ever wanted to try recipes that are good for you—and your teeth—without sacrificing deliciousness, the search is over.


Here are a few dishes that will delight without the fright:

First thing’s first: the appetizer. 

When stomachs start to rumble but the turkey isn’t ready, it’s the perfect time to serve a beautiful spread of cheese, raw veggies, and an assortment of nuts. Let your creativity run wild with artfully-placed platters of crudités, cheese cubes, mixed nuts, and vegetables for guests to snack on. Not only will it tide them over until dinner is served, it’ll also provide them with an extra dose of teeth-strengthening calcium and surface-protecting casein.


The nuts and veggies on your cheese board add a saliva-producing crunch, good for washing bacteria away, in addition to calcium and minerals that strengthen and re-mineralize teeth. If you add celery to your presentation, you will also be providing guests with a floss-like experience through the fibrous strands.


Moving to the main course.

Tradition will tell you that the main course needs to be turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce—but who says traditions can’t be changed? For a healthy addition to the main course, try vegetables (we like green beans) sautéed in sesame oil.


In the same way that nuts and veggies produce saliva that rinses your mouth, sesame oil has mouthwash-like properties. The oil is so powerful that it can reduce the effects of plaque, and even reverse harm caused by gingivitis.


Feeling fruity? Let’s move on to dessert. 

You’ve set the bar high with your beautiful cheese board, so now it’s time to bring those skills to the finale of the meal. For dessert, try fresh pear slices with honey yogurt dip.


This seasonal dessert should feature thinly sliced pear drizzled with a combination of one cup of plain Greek yogurt, two tablespoons of honey, lemon juice, and cinnamon for sprinkling. Greek yogurt contains calcium and phosphates that will strengthen and re-mineralize your teeth, and honey is a natural antiseptic with a host of additional benefits.


If you’re consuming acidic foods like cranberries or wine throughout the meal, try following them up with a bite of these pears.


Speaking of hydration…

It’s important. Not only for your overall health, but also for your oral health and hygiene. If you like to drink your tap water, you will be happy to know that it contains fluoride, which protects your teeth from damage and decay. If you want a warm beverage after the meal, reach for green or black tea, both of which kill bacteria and thus fight cavities.



These health-conscious recipes are good for the heart, the waistline, your teeth, and your entire body. These healthy options will keep your mouth sparkling, and we look forward to hearing all about your 2019 feast when we see you in the office.